BREAKING: Kari Douglas Crosses Flooring To Sign Up With JLP

The governing Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) has actually increased by one (1) its majority in the prominent Kingston and St.Andrew Municipal Corporation, the KSAMC.

The increase in majority for the JLP in the Municipal Corporation comes following a stunning move this early morning by Councillor Douglas to walkout of the PNP and join the JLP. The JLP now has 22 seats in the KSAMC (up from 21), and the PNP’s minority caucas has been minimized to 18.

Douglas is Councillor for the Trafalgar Division in PNP General Secretary Julian Robinson’s South East St. Andrew constituency. She’s the daughter of previous veteran PNP member and ex-Cabinet Minister in the former-PJ Patterson-administration, the late Easton Douglas.

Miss Douglas, who was the youngest PNP Councillor in the KSAMC and the 2nd youngest in the Corporation, crossed the floor at simply after 10:00 today shortly after the meeting of the KSAMC was called to order by Corporation Chairman and the Mayor of Kingston, Delroy Williams.

The previous PNP Councillor released a statement a short while ago which verified that she’s gone out of the Peter Phillips-led party and joined the JLP.

Douglas commented– “I hereby verify that I have actually elected to leave the PNP to continue serving my nation as a member of the Jamaica Labour Party. This morning I made the symbolic walk in crossing the political aisle in the KSAMC.”

The former PNP member also delivered a stinging assessment of the state of affairs in the PNP. Councillor Douglas says for at some point, she has been deeply worried that her former party has actually ended up being a political company which is mostly focused on winning elections at any expense, as opposed to pursuing an unswerving dedication to nationwide development and because process listening to individuals and producing policies to fulfill their needs.

According to Councillor Douglas, her former political celebration has likewise for at some point not been a space where innovative concepts, especially the ideas of young , are encouraged and cured seriously. She states she has decided that enough suffices.

Councillor Douglas wrote in her statement that honesty determines that she concedes that provided the tribal nature of our politics, her political antecedence and the possibility that some individuals in her former political celebration may seek to be vindictive following her announcement — making the transition throughout the political aisle was not an easy decision.

Councillor Douglas says most importantly, she needs to suggest that offered the dynamic management a favorable distinction that Prime Minister Holness has been able to offer the country and the JLP over the past couple of years, she is “particular and in absolutely no doubt” that she has actually made “the ideal decision”.

Douglas further admired Prime Minister Holness. The former PNP member wrote– “there are lots of people across Jamaica, especially young people who have had a re-awakening of their political views due to the Prime Minister and JLP Leader’s refreshing approach to politics and steering the reigns of Government in a manner which puts the interest of individuals initially and also is not afraid to hold accountable public officials who get out of line.”

The previous PNP member states she’s one of the many who have actually had to decisively re-think previous political ideologies and affiliation. Miss Douglas states today she’s to reveal that she has decided in the interest of her nation.

Douglas states she means to continue practicing the kind of political representation which she always has, that is looking for to secure the interest of individuals of Jamaica no matter their political persuasion or the ‘color’ of their politics.

According to Miss Douglas, even as she remains Councillor for the Trafalgar Division, she “anticipates making her contribution to the Prime Minister and the JLP’s exciting vision of constructing a new Jamaica which is thriving for all.”

It’s comprehended that Councillor Douglas’ relocate to sign up with the JLP has actually sent out ripples through sections of the PNP. The PNP Councillor is considered of vintage ‘PNP political stock’ and is a 2nd term Councillor in the constituency of the PNP General Secretary which was also represented in previous years by Easton Douglas.

She recently resigned as a ranking member of the KSAMC’s Building and Planning Committee following alleged pressure from fans of Dr. Peter Phillips. Douglas had actually supported Peter Bunting’s unsuccessful difficulty to Phillips’ presidency of the PNP

Douglas is the second high profile female member of the PNP to leave the celebration in recent years and sign up with the labour celebration. In November 2011, previous 3 term MP for South Central St. Catherine, Sharon Hay Webster, strolled out of the then Simpson Miller led-PNP and signed up with the JLP.

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