Breaking: Joe Biden and Liz Warren shut out in New Hampshire primary

In a sensational rebuke of two of the leading tier presidential prospects, neither Joe Biden nor Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) have gotten enough votes in New Hampshire to obtain primary delegates.

NBC news forecasted that neither Biden or Warren would reach the 15 percent limit to receive delegates only 33 percent of the vote count formally reported on Tuesday.

CBS News also predicted the troubling conclusion about the very same as NBC News.

The surprising result is an advantage for the campaign for Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), who is likewise projected to win in New Hampshire after being at the top of the stack in the contested outcomes from the Iowa caucuses.

It is simply the most current blow for the ailing Biden project, which did badly in Iowa’s caucuses, and had their prospect leave Iowa before the lead to New Hampshire even began to be reported.

The Biden project try to recover some footing in South Carolina, where they must see more assistance among African-American citizens.

In exit ballot from the New Hampshire primary, a bulk of voters stated they didn’t think choosing a woman would harm their opportunities of beating President Donald Trump, however 30 percent disagreed.

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