BREAKING: Disneyland Resort Rolls Out Ticket Price Increases Ahead of Marvel Avengers Campus Opening – WDW News Today

Last year’s Disneyland Resort ticket price increases left fans and casual guests alike floored, given that the opening of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, it was easily the largest ticket price increase in the park’s 64-year history. In 2019, one-day tickets costs jumped by over 10 percent, some annual passes up a whopping 23 percent in price. Since then, we’ve been waiting for the next annual price increase, and not surprisingly, prices for tickets and annual prices in 2020 have also seen a steady increase, thanks to the upcoming opening of the Marvel Avengers Campus. These changes were made in conjunction Walt Disney World Annual Pass price increases today.

Here’s the breakdown for the new 2020 ticket prices:

Single and multi-day tickets:

Ticket TypeOriginalNew
1 Day – 1 Park$104, 129, 149 (Value, Regular, Peak)$104, 114, 124, 139, 154 (Tiers 1 – 5)
1 Day – Park Hopper$154, 179, 199 (Value, Regular, Peak)$159, 169, 179, 194, 209 (Tiers 1 – 5)
2 Day$225$235
2 Day with Park Hopper$280$290
3 Day$300$310
3 Day with Park Hopper$355$365
4 Day$325$340
4 Day with Park Hopper$380$395
5 Day$340$360
5 Day with Park Hopper$395$415

The resort’s most expensive one-day ticket has now surpassed $200, with an all-new five-tier system for both 1-Park and Park Hopper tickets replacing the old Value, Regular, and Peak system pricing. Prices for specific dates may have changed in the move from three-tier pricing to the new five-tier calendar. The calendar can be accessed by looking for one-day tickets on on Disneyland’s website. (The website has been down since the announcement of said price increases, naturally.) Prices on one-day tickets increased 3 percent on peak/upper tier one-park-per-day tickets and 3 to 5 percent on 1 Day – Park Hoppers.

Multi-day ticket price increase range from 3 percent on the 3-Day Park Hopper to just under 6 percent on the 5-Day, one-park-per-day ticket.

Annual Passes:

Pass TypeOriginalNew
Signature Plus$1399$1449

Annual passes are up from 4 percent on the Deluxe Pass to just over 8 percent on the new Flex Pass, which was introduced in May 2019. The Disney Premier Passport, which offers unlimited access to Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resort theme parks, is all the way up to $2119 plus tax, a whopping 13 percent increase.

And if you’re curious to compare, here’s the breakdown for last year’s ticket price increase:

Single and multi-day tickets:

Ticket TypeOriginalNew
1 Day – VALUE$97$104
1 Day with Park Hopper – VALUE$147$154
1 Day – REGULAR$117$129
1 Day with Park Hopper – REGULAR$167$179
1 Day – PEAK$135$149
1 Day with Park Hopper – PEAK$185$199
2 Day$210$225
2 Day with Park Hopper$260$280
3 Day$280$300
3 Day with Park Hopper$330$355
4 Day$305$325
4 Day with Park Hopper$355$380
5 Day$320$340
5 Day with Park Hopper$370$395

Annual Passes:

Pass TypeOriginalNew
Signature Plus$1149$1399

The Disney Premier Passport which offers access to Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resort theme parks is all the way up to $1949 plus tax. The tax puts the ticket price over $2,000, a new high in Disney ticket prices.

With the aforementioned ticket price increases, will you be renewing your annual pass, purchasing tickets anyway, or opting to skip Disneyland this year? Let us know in the comments.

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