Bald & Beautiful: Students Support Coach & Pediatric Cancer

A former coach, who is battling cancer, finds the to children fight their own cancer battles. Steve Brueski, a former Norwalk, CT High football and baseball coach was diagnosed with Colorectal cancer last year, at the age of 45.

While Steve continues to undergo his treatments, he never misses a practice or game for the high school teams. He’s no longer an coach, but he’s a dedicated volunteer who calls these kids his family. When Norwalk High School called on him to shave his head for the ‘Bears Battling Cancer’ which would benefit St. Baldrick’s Foundation, he never hesitated.

His attitude has always been “anything I do can do help the kids.” While he fights cancer himself, he believes a child fighting cancer has it much worse. Therefore, he will do anything he can do help!

This video was produced by Tracy Chevrier and edited by Kevin Wansa.

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Original Author: Produced by OnlyGood TV and published on 15/09/2020 Source