Patience Is Key

Patience Is Key You may have heard this expression over a million times in your life! But you would never have looked at it in a way that it could change your life. You often take sayings like that for granted. You believe that your life is what it is. There’s barely any shift that a fable can create in its flow. How very wrong you are! Patience is not just a virtue; it is a key! To what, you ask? Well, let’s find out! Once upon a time there was a man who wanted to be the most successful martial artist in the world. He aspired to be a student of the best master. He travelled for days and arrived at the school. Finally, he met with the teacher. The teacher asked him, “What do you want to learn from me?” The man answered, “I want to be the>>>

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All Work and No Play

All Work and No Play All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy – you must be familiar with this proverb but do you follow it through in your life? The importance of a balanced life cannot be stressed enough. Working all the time without giving yourself a chance to relax every once in a while can make your life dull and boring. Moreover, consistent stress is also harmful to the body and brings about a number of physical and mental health issues. Read the story of a college boy to see why it is important to pamper yourself and make time for fun and entertaining activities in your life. Once upon a time, there was a young boy named Tim. Throughout school, he proved himself to be an exceptionally good student. After graduating school with good grades, he took admission in a college. He always stood first>>>

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The Dog and the Reflection

The Dog and the Reflection Once upon a time, a dog lived in a small town. Every day, he would sit outside the butcher’s shop hoping that the butcher would toss him a bone. One day he was sitting there when the butchered took pity on him and gave him the biggest, juiciest bone he had ever had! The dog couldn’t believe his fortune. He immediately got up and happily scurried away with the bone in his mouth. He wished to enjoy his prized bone alone so he went around in search of the best spot to devour it. With the bone in mouth, he came across a river. As he crossed the narrow footbridge, he happened to look down at his reflection in the water. In his haste and excitement, he failed to realize that it was his own reflection. The silly dog thought it was another dog, carrying>>>

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The Giving Tree

The Giving Tree Who doesn’t know about the legendary tale of the giving tree? At some point in time in our childhood, our parents have read this story to us. Back then, it gave us a clear sense of their selfless and unconditional love. Now that we are grown-ups, this story can give us so much more! Keep reading to find out what the giving tree has in store for you!   Once upon a time, there was a tree. She loved a little boy who played with her leaves, swung on her branches and climbed on her trunk. He ate her apples and the tree was happy. Soon the boy grew older and the tree felt alone as the boy’s visits grew scarce. After a while the boy came to see the tree. The tree was happy to see the boy all grown-up. She invited him to swing on>>>

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