Acid Test: The Global Challenge of Ocean Acidification

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To learn more about the science behind the film, see a list of citations.

ACID TEST, a film produced by NRDC, was made to raise awareness about the largely unknown problem of ocean acidification, which poses a fundamental challenge to life in the seas and the health of the entire planet. Like global warming, ocean acidification stems from the increase of carbon dioxide in the earth’s atmosphere since the start of the Industrial Revolution.

Leading scientific experts on the problem, many of whom appear in the film and the outtakes below, believe that it’s possible to cut back on global warming pollution, improve the overall health and durability of our oceans, and prevent serious harm to our world, but only if action is taken quickly and decisively.

The film originally aired on Discovery Planet Green. An Entertainment Industry Foundation grant provided the core funding for this film. Cinematographers Howard and Michele Hall and Nel Boshoff provided footage, and many other people assisted greatly in the making of ACID TEST.

To learn more about the movie and who was responsible for it (and get an idea of what it was like to work with narrator Sigourney Weaver), read co-director Daniel Hinerfeld’s blog



 Video Extras

See the 2 minute trailer for ACID TEST.

Acid Test Outtake: Making The Choice

Scientist Steve Palumbi discusses what’s at stake, and Ken Caldeira explains how this is not just an economic issue, but also a moral one. Both men talk about their frustration that we don’t seem to be doing enough to prevent this catastrophe. (Also featuring fisherman Bruce Steele, and scientists Lisa Suatoni and Ove Hoegh-Guldberg.)





 ACID TEST: This groundbreaking NRDC documentary explores the startling phenomenon of ocean acidification, which may soon challenge marine life on a scale not seen for tens of millions of years. Featuring Sigourney Weaver.Directed by: Tristan Bayer & Daniel Hinerfeld
Produced by: Erin Kiley & Daniel Hinerfeld
Associated Produced by: Lisa Whiteman, Lisa Suitoni, Tristan Bayer
Edited by: Christopher S. Johnson
Director of Photography: Tristan Bayer
Underwater Cinematography: Howard and Michele Hall
Aerial Cinematography: Nel Boshoff
Music by: Andy Troy, Peter DiStefano and Kevin Haskins
Animations by: Jake MaymudesProduced for the Natural Resources Defense Council.

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