Bizarre Succulents That Look Like They’re From An Alien Planet

Invite to the terrific and weird world of succulents! These decorative plants come in some really unexpected shapes that make them look like something a dream illustrator’s dreams. Bored Panda’s green thumb staff members have actually delicately grown and cultivated this list about a few of the most awesome succulents you’ll ever see. So scroll down, upvote your favorites, and share this post your plant-loving pals.

If you keep any succulent-buddies in the house or at work, we ‘d enjoy to see images of them in the remark area listed below, dear Pandas. We ‘d also value it if you could share any pointers for growing them. You know, for those of us who provide our succulents a bit too muchlove, attention, and water.

Succulents are outstanding at enduring in dry environments and almost all cacti are succulents but not all succulents are cacti. Succulents are incredibly popular plants. Chances are that if you stroll through any office, you’ll find a minimum of one of them. Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to take care of succulents– I can inform you from firsthand experience that it’s a lot harder than it ought to be!

#  Rose Succulents

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#  Lithops

Image credits: special_plants_world

A few of the remarkably unusual plants like the mermaid tail or the opal-like clear succulents appear like they’re from another planet and something that aliens continue their alien desks in their alien offices.If you wish to get

one of these peculiar succulents on your own or for your loved ones as a gift, the mermaid one is called a crested Senecio Vitalis while the clear one is the Haworthia Cooperi plant.Haworthia succulents

are popular since of their “leaf windows “which allowed a lot of light for the plant. The “windows” likewise decrease water loss from evaporation because the rest of the plant is buried underground. Haworthia plants likewise have accordion-like roots that pull them deeper into the ground so that they can prosper.

#  Clear Succulent Plant

Image credits: littleleafgarden # 5 Trachyandra # 6 Uncommon Succulent According to Reddit, Haworthia plants are simple to take care of and are terrific succulents for beginners: simply pop them on the windowsill and they’ll be delighted. Particularly if you plop it into some gritty soil.In basic, succulents need plenty of light and you need to turn them occasionally so all parts of it can take pleasure in the sun and to assist it grow straight.Overwatering is a big no-no, so examine the soil regularly: if it’s dry, get your watering can ready.

Also, keep in mind that succulents need more water during Spring and Summer and barely require any in Fall and Winter season when they’re ‘resting.’Finally, clean the dust off your succulents to help them grow and become your picture-perfect plant-pals.

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#  Crawling Octopus

Image credits: my_yard_is_fire # 36 Unusual Succulent # 37 Stapelia Image credits: special_plants_world # 38 Stringofpearls

Image credits: special_plants_world

#  Pies From Heaven

Image credits: worldofsucculents # 40 Uncommon Succulent

#  Uncommon Succulent

Image credits: lanadelplant

#  Lophocereus Schotti

Image credits: lanadelplant # 56 Unusual Succulent

Image credits: millenium_balkon # 57 Kalanchoe

Image credits: special_plants_world #  Mesemb, Titanopsis

smage credits: fernfarmplants


# Stapelia

Image credits: special_plants_world # 62 Succulent Image credits: # 63 Chamaecereus Silvestrii Cristata Image credits: cypruscactus # 64 Uncommon Succulent

# Greenovia Aurea

Image credits: cactiii_love

#  Astrophytum Myriostigma

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