5 tips to make a Safe Purchase Online

5 tips to make a Safe Purchase Online

5 tips to make a Safe Purchase Online

The rise of the internet and smart phones and smart computers has meant that things that seemed impossible a few years ago have become possible. Shopping which people went out to shops for has since been revolutionized into online shopping. Now customers have a choice, they can either go to shops physically to buy goods and products or they could sit back in the comforts of their home and make purchases online.

While the latter is increasing in popularity over time, it does have certain security concerns that need to be addressed. This article outlines five tips to make a safe purchase online.

1.     Be Careful when Using Public Computers

You may be in a café or a library and you may want to make a purchase. The only choice you have is to either wait to get home or use the public computer to make the online purchase. Using public computers to make purchases online can be dangerous. Browsers, by default store browsing information; so make sure you clear all history, cookies, and passwords once you have shopped online using a public computer.

2.     Keep an Eye on Your Credit Card

There are hundreds of websites online selling goods, all of them can sell different goods, but the one thing that is similar in all of these websites is that you need to use your credit card to make online payments. If you are conned, you can also be reimbursed for credit card expenses made but for that you need to keep a close eye on your credit card statements. Look for purchases that seem suspicious and you don’t remember making.

3.     Don’t Go for a Website that Seems Fishy

Intuition and gut feeling can be your best friends when shopping online. There are dozens of websites online that may seem fishy from the outset. Make sure you avoid these websites when you are looking to make an online purchase. There are hundreds of websites online that are meant for the sole purpose of scamming you. It is the buyer’s responsibility to make sure they don’t fall in the trap.

4.     Update Your Browser

There is a reason anti-virus software keeps updating every few months. They know that the threat online evolves fast and the deterrents to the threats need to move with the same pace. Your browser needs to be updated regularly because updated browser are equipped with greater security to handle threats you may encounter online when you are busy shopping.

5.     Go for Established Brands

What is better paying $5 extra on a microwave oven or losing $500 for a fraudulent purchase? The best way to ensure safety and security when shopping online is to make sure that you go for established brands when making online purchases. Established brands such as Wal-Mart, EBay, Amazon, etc. are safer and less likely to con you out of your money as opposed to newer relatively unknown websites.

Safety is a matter of reputation for these websites which is why they are likely to take it very seriously.

s"The quickest way to know a woman is to go online shopping with her." ~ Marcelene Cox

“The quickest way to know a woman is to go online shopping with her.” ~ Marcelene Cox

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