5 Must Have Phone Applications



A smart phone is never smart without smart applications. One among other qualities people look for when deciding which phone to buy is its ability to have several applications in terms of its memory and RAM. With more than 3 billion apps in the market, it is quite challenging to choose ones that you really .

  • Google maps app

With this app in your phone, you will never get lost anywhere in the world. It uses GPS to map where you are and where you want to go then trace it for you both by road and by air. In case you are stuck in a traffic jam for example, you can always consult the map for alternative routes.

  • Dictionary app

This is any app that can allow you to search anything up. It could be a language dictionary e.g. English dictionary, French dictionary etc. It could also be your professional dictionary like a medical dictionary, dictionary etcetera. Plenty of them are available in the market and yours is only to shop for the one you need more. You can never be short of guard with this app since you can always look up the word in it.

  • Email app

No matter where you are going, this email app ensures that you get all the office reports, important appointments, memos and other crucial information that should reach you. There are several of them including the common Gmail from google and yahoo mail.

  • Game app

A times, you get some free minutes say, when you arrive to the office early from lunch or after tea break.  A game app helps you fetch different games to freshen your instead of idling around. Studies have shown that those who play often improve their intelligence quotient. You might never want yours to remain down. So, go get it!

  • Browser apps

These are apps that gets you access to the internet without subscribing to an ISP thus saving you . They are fast and very efficient. They have been improved to remember your passwords and the frequented sites making it easier to search and login to your favorite website. Examples of these are moxilla, opera mini and UC browser among others.

  • Entertainment app

‘All work and no play makes jack…’ This kind of an app ensures that you are never bored or dull. They play you songs and videos that you need over the internet. They also have radios and TV incorporated in it. Yours is just to login and choose the genre you want.


“Don't die with the music on your tongue unsung! Don't die with the apps in your mind undesigned! Don't die with the books in your head unpublished! Don't die with the sermons in your heart unpreached! Live well and die well!” ~ Israelmore Ayivor

A About Don’t Die

“Don’t die with the music on your unsung!
Don’t die with the apps in your mind undesigned!
Don’t die with the books in your unpublished!
Don’t die with the sermons in your heart unpreached!
Live well and die well!”  ~ Israelmore Ayivor


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