5 Mood Boosting Foods That Make You Smile

5 Mood Boosting Foods That Make You Smile

5 Boosting Foods That Make

In order to feel , it is important that we eat that provide our body with nutrients and keeps us charged throughout the day. Luckily, there are foods that can help us to boost our mood and leave us with a general sense of well being. Remember that the key to a healthy brain lies in making food choices.


Did you know that mussels have naturally occurring B12 that helps us to keep our brain protected? A large population of the US has B12 deficiency that makes eating mussels a good option. You must be wondering what ingredient in mussels enhances your mood. Mussels basically maintain a healthy level of B12 that makes sure that the myelin sheath remains intact with insulates our brain. Other than this, mussels also contain selenium, zinc, and iodine that are important nutrients for our thyroid, which is the mood regulator of our body.

Delicious asian style steamed mussels with red pepper, green onion, and coriander in a coconut broth.

Blue Potatoes

Blue potatoes may not be easily available in the market but they can surely improve your mood. The vegetable gets its blue from anthocyanins, which is basically a very powerful antioxidant that provides us with neuro protective benefits, boosts our short term memory, and enhances our mood.  Other than this, the skin of these potatoes is rich in iodine that regulates the thyroid.  Make sure that you only choose organic vegetables so that you can keep the toxic chemical sprays out of your body.

Vitelotte blue-violet potato isolated on white background

Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt is an instant mood enhancer since it has more calcium than your regular dairy products. When we intake the right amount of calcium, our body releases feel good neurotransmitters that improves our mood. You might not know this but calcium helps in keeping away problems like depression, cognitive impairment, impaired memory, anxiety, and disturbed thinking. In addition to this, Greek yogurt consists of probiotics that help in keeping away colds, boost the immune system, and helps in aiding digestion.  So, whenever you feel down, grab a packet of organic Greek yogurt and you see the improvement in your mood.

bowl of pouring greek yogurt


Dark Chocolate

Have you ever thought chocolate makes you feel so good? it makes you feel on the top of this world? One reason is that it tastes really good, but the other reason is that improves the blood flow to our brain that boosts our concentration, and enhances our mood that makes us feel energized and refreshed. It is recommended that you don’t go for the sugary chocolate, and reach out for a bar of dark chocolate. According to a study found in the Journal of Psychopharmacology, a few bites of dark chocolate can immediately improve your mood.

group of dark chocolate shavings isolated on white

Pastured /

Eggs have a large quantity of B vitamins, iodide, omega-3 fatty acids, and zinc that helps in enhancing our mood. The best kind of egg that you can eat is the kind that your ancestors enjoyed, which is by a hen that was raised on a pasture and ate organic grains.

Cape Cod free range backyard chickens with brown eggs. Close up of one hen scratching the ground.

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