5 Lessons about Character You Can Learn from Superheroes


5 Lessons about Character You Can Learn from

Amidst the superhero persona, the amazing superpowers, and the dazzling storylines in all superhero franchises lays an underlying message for the fans. The stories about our favorite caped crusaders, alien, and mutants have lessons that are intricately tied into the storylines, the personality, and decisions of the superheroes. Here are the five character lessons that superheroes teach you through their heroism:

Uncle Ben’s Lesson for Spiderman

Uncle Ben’s death left many of us crying for days, but we fought through the tears to see Spiderman embrace his destiny… responsibly. The popular phrase, “With great power comes great responsibility,” said by Uncle Ben is one of the most repeated lines in recent history, setting a benchmark for other superheroes to follow. Uncle Ben taught all of us that regardless of the amount of power, wealth, and resources we may gain, we must stay humble, using what we have in a responsible manner when the arises.

Superman Stands for Equality

Superman, the most famed hero of all, fights crime to keep his city, and Lois, the love of his life, safe. Whether you call him Kal Al, Clark Kent, or Superman, you know that the man of steel isn’t exactly from Earth – he is from Krypton where they wear underpants over regular pants. Considered as the most powerful superhero of all time, Superman treats other superheroes that are less powerful than he as his equals. When he is Clark Kent, he doesn’t abuse his powers, but takes on a bumbling persona of a reporter.

He teaches you that wealth, beauty, color, race, ethnicity, and religion shouldn’t give the right to treat someone as their inferior. Remember, if Superman wanted to show inferiority to , he would never wear glasses and live in the lap of luxury instead of working for the Daily Planet as a news reporter.

Batman Shows Us that Ordinary People can make a Difference

Batman, or should we say one of the few superheroes without any superpower, aims to fight the evils that inhabit Gotham City. The only thing helping him win is his fighting skills and multi-tool utility belt that unleashes all kinds of hell on the baddies. One thing he doesn’t possess is superpowers, giving ordinary folks hope that even they can make a difference.

Green Lantern Says to Face Your Fears

Green Lantern, the wielder of the power ring, learned that in order for him to make the ring work, he had to let go of his fears. The moral of Green lantern’s story is that to achieve the impossible, you need willpower.

Hulk Turned His Flaws into Positive Qualities

“You won’t like me when I’m angry,” the famous line said by the green monster labeled him a danger to his world. However, the monster that Bruce Banner tried to suppress turned out to be one of the guys after all. He used his inner demon to his advantage by calming his temper and only releasing it when the world needed it. The story goes to show that you can also take your flaws and use them to your advantage when the time calls for it.

Knowledge is abundant and skills can be learned — always remember that. Now, reflect on these superhero lessons and use them to build your character.

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Bad Things happen

 “Bad things do ; how I respond to them defines my character and the quality of . I can choose to sit in perpetual sadness, immobilized by the of my , or I can choose to from the pain and treasure the most precious gift I have – life itself.” ~ Walter Anderson

5 Lessons about Character You Can Learn from Superheroes