5 Foods That Need To Be In the Fridge Now!

5 Foods That Need To Be In the Fridge Now!

5 Foods That Need In the !

All of us have been at that point in life where we get up at night feeling incredibly hungry and thinking about dinner that seems like a distant memory at that point. If you feel hungry during the night it is important that you stock on some late night nibbles that will satiate your hunger during the night. What is important is that you have a few healthy ingredients so that you can have a guilt free meal and not gain weight.



Bananas are rich in potassium and fiber that will help you in staying full for a very long time. Bananas are great to eat on their own, but there are other million ways in which you can have this amazing creamy . You can slice it up and put it on an oat meal or dip the slices in in order to get healthy nutrients. One of the best ways to eat bananas is to slice it up, freeze it, and then blend it, in order to enjoy a healthy banana ice cream. You can even treat yourself and add dark chocolate shaving at the top of the ice cream as a treat.

Peanut Butter

Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is considered a fatty food but it is actually good for you if consume it in a moderate amount. The best part about this snack is that it is rich in folate that is a type of vitamin B, which is known for making new cells and monounsaturated fats that are important for our body.  You can spread it on pita bread, brown bread, or can dip vegetables in it. Other nut butters that you can also consume include cashew nut, almond, and cashew.



A lot of people don’t know this but almonds have good fats. Plus, raw almonds are wholesome and a great alternative to greasy junk food like crackers and fries. You can even add these amazing nuts to yogurt, smoothies, and cereals. In order to prevent oxidation, you can chuck the almonds as it will prevent the oil from being oxidized into radicals that are harmful for our health.

Dairy Products

Dairy Products

Some of the best things that you can store in your ridge or pantry are dairy products.  Milk is always a good option. Make sure that you are well stocked on this calcium rich food, whether its skim milk, soy, or almond milk. If you don’t want to drink plain milk, you can a healthy smoothie or make healthy hot chocolate with agave and dark chocolate. Another great option is cottage cheese as it helps you eel full for a long time. You can even dip vegetables in cottage cheese and eat it whenever you feel hungry.



Eggs are packed with proteins and are low in calories. You can eat one large egg whenever you feel hungry as it has only 80 calories. The best part about eggs is that there are so many ways of making it. Keep a dozen in your fridge and browse through delicious egg recipes.

"Absolutely I have the body of an eighteen year old. I keep it in the fridge." ~ Spike Milligan

A Selection of Fridge Quotes

“I’m still living the life where you get home and open the fridge and there’s half a pot of yogurt and a half a can of flat Coca-Cola.” ~ Alan Rickman

“When I moved to Los Angeles, aged 54, I printed out Winston Churchill’s phrase, ‘Never, never, never give up’, and stuck it on my fridge. I had no idea what was going to happen, but I knew I had to keep on going.” ~ Alan Dale

“I wish anyone in this world could go to his fridge and pick whatever he wants. Because the day you open your fridge and there is nothing in it, it is difficult.” ~ Zlatan Ibrahimovic

“There is absolutely no one, apart from yourself, who can prevent you, in the middle of the night, from sneaking down to tidy up the edges of that hunk of cheese at the back of the fridge.” ~ Boris Johnson

“Absolutely I have the body of an eighteen year old. I keep it in the fridge.” ~ Spike Milligan

“When I open the fridge door and the light goes on, I burst into song.” ~ Robbie Williams Books  Albums

“Gotta I always have really fresh, hormone-free, additive-free chicken, healthy veggies, and brown rice in the fridge to grab because I’m always on the go.” ~ Laura Prepon

“Kit,” said a female voice, “what’s wrong with the fridge? All the food’s gone. No, wait, there’s a really ugly alien in here disguised as a leaky lettuce. Hey, I guess I shouldn’t be rude to it; it’s a visitor. Welcome to our planet, Mr. Alien!”
This was followed by some muffled remark that Nita couldn’t make out, possibly something Kit was saying. A moment later, Kit’s sister Carmela’s voice came out of Nita’s refrigerator again. “Hola, Nita, are your phone bills getting too big? This is a weird way to deal with it…”  ~ Diane Duane, Wizard’s Holiday

“The world is full of unrequited love,’ I said finally.
‘You and Patrick having problems?’ Dad said, reaching around to get the butter out of the fridge.
‘No, I was just wondering what you would say if I was a lesbian.’
‘Come again?’ said Lester. ‘I’m having a hard time following this conversation.”
~ Phyllis Reynolds Naylor, Alice on the Outside

“It was a brave old world.”  ~ , The Fridgularity

“I have no use for these other loves.
Seal them shut in jars
and place them in the pantry.
A reserve of love.

Thank them for their love.
They are so kind.
Perhaps store them in the fridge
For others to take.

They say love is a panacea.
I know it is not.
Flakes of snow,
no two are alike.

When I am down on my knees,
hopeless and angry,
for the world no longer makes sense,
I won’t look in the pantry or fridge.

It is your hand pressing on my shoulder
that makes me whole,
makes me forget.
What trouble? What world?”

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