4 Apps That Provide A Cutting Edge To Small Businesses

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4 Apps That A Cutting Edge To

Running a small is nothing short of a disaster waiting to happen. There are so many aspects that a owner needs to take upon themselves and so little time. From handling customer complaints to monitoring expenses and keeping track of inventory, running a small involves tasks of impressive magnitude. The easiest way of handling these problems is hiring more staff, but is that what really to do? Are you sure you to put and extra financial burden on your business by hiring someone to help?

What most small business owners need is not an extra employee, but cutting edge apps that can ease the burden of business management from small business owners looking for respite. This blog highlights 4 Apps that all small businesses should have.

1.     Google Drive

What you do if someone told you that you don’t really have to worry about managing the storing space for your and having to make space for new data? Most business owners would jump at the chance of being able to use a cloud drive where data can be stored safely and securely without taking up any of the ’s memory. Google drive is a new drive app by Google that offers customers 5GB of free space to store your data and that is just initially, there is so much space that can be used up at an affordable rate.

2.     Clear

There are loads of tasks to do in a day if you are a business owner and keeping track of all these tasks much less actually fulfilling them can be a big problem. Since most small business owners cannot afford a secretary, having the “Clear” App can be a saver. The application helps you create separate lists, set reminders for you, make multiple schedules that each follow a specific time schedule, etc. The app is cheap with iPhone users able to buy it a $4.99 and its desktop version available for $9.99.

3.     PayPal

You cannot run a business without finances; forms the edifice of a business. Whether you are using it to purchase goods or looking for payments from customers, finding the right bank branches can be cumbersome. PayPal helps small business in terms of their financial management by letting your debit and credit accounts to your PayPal account to accept payment anywhere at any time. Then standard feature is free and the more advanced feature available for $30.

4.     Expensify

Keeping track of business finances can be a bit of challenge. Unfortunately it is also the single most important thing that keeps your business from going under. Add to that constant traveling and you have yourself a headache that needs a professional task manager to relieve. Fortunately small business can use the Expensify applications to keep track of the expenses incurred by the business as well as the mileage used up. The app has been so successful that it is used by 1 million and counting.


These are some of the many apps in the market that are designed to help small businesses flourish.

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