30,000 Lbs of Uneaten Food from Super Bowl LIV Donated to Florida Shelters

Volunteer crews with Food Rescue US have partnered with Centerplate and NFL Green to bring leftover food from Super Bowl LIV to city shelters in Florida.

According to ESPN, more 30,000 pounds of unblemished and unpurchased food was left over after this year’s Super Bowl at Hard Rock Arena in Miami Gardens, Florida.

The food is from VIP catered areas, concession stands and suites, and includes salmon, macaroni and cheese, beef tenderloins, barbecue chicken, wings, ribs and charcuterie plates.

Volunteer groups worked Monday morning through Thursday recently to evacuate the food and transport it to shelters and food banks.

Food Rescue US Miami Director Ellen Bowen stated the unused food would assist feed around 20,000 people.

“It is incredible, the food you see going directly to land fills,” Bowen stated.

According to Bowen, this is the very first major food recovery effort in connection with the Super Bowl.

“It’s a full volunteer job for everybody.

We just want to help individuals in need,”Bowen stated.”It’s fantastic to see just how much food there is that otherwise would have been included the trash that can now feed a lot of individuals.”



Dayanny de la Cruz, chef of Centerplate at Acid Rock Arena, informed the Miami Herald she is happy to partner with Food Rescue United States.

“Our Centerplate group is happy to provide back to the communities we serve, and to guarantee that the meals we develop can likewise support those in need, thanks to the efforts of the volunteer food rescue groups,” she stated.

Amongst the volunteers was 16-year-old Henry Hurowitz who started his own food rescue organization after being “astounded” by the food waste in South Florida.

Hurowitz founded FoodEASE, a not-for-profit that gathers leftovers from regional hospitality groups and delivers them to those in need.

Hurowitz said his school principal offered him Monday morning off to participate in the food rescue effort.

“Now I’m constantly asking what individuals are doing with their leftovers,” he stated.

Benefitting shelters include Miami Rescue Objective, Broward Outreach Center, Broward Partnership for the Homeless, Lotus Shelter and Camillus .

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