28 faith leaders call on Utahns to wear masks to slow spread of COVID-19

SALT LAKE CITY– Utah Gov. Gary Herbert didn’t issue an executive order to require Utahns to use masks or face-coverings to stop or slow the spread of COVID-19 during Wednesday’s weekly media briefing.But he’s hardly been silent on the problem, speaking and tweeting and providing numerous public-service announcements calling for Utahns to use a face-covering in public, specifically when social distancing can not be practiced.He would prefer that individuals at all levels– of civic, federal government and community levels– utilize their voice and encourage their customer to practice great hygiene for consisting of the infection’ spread, including wearing masks in public, practicing social distancing, and cleaning hands regularly.

“If like your next-door neighbor, most likely should do what can to safeguard them,” said Herbert, speaking throughout an interview Wednesday after 484 brand-new cases of the novel coronavirus were reported. “Using a mask is excellent defense.”

On Wednesday, 28 leaders from the majority of Utah’s faith neighborhoods signed up with in a require all Utahns to utilize face coverings to alleviate the spread of COVID-19.

“Over the last numerous weeks, we have seen alarming increases in COVID-19 infection rates in the state of Utah,” the joint statement checked out. “The state epidemiologist has recognized the lack of masks and social distancing as key aspects responsible for the increase.

“As faith leaders, much of us have seen the impacts of this on vulnerable persons in our parishes. COVID-19 has actually caused so lots of disruptions in people’s lives consisting of psychological, physical and monetary tension.”

The leaders, the majority of which came from the Christian community however also included agents of Buddhism, Islam and Judaism, paraphrased Scriptural text from the New Testimony to “enjoy ” and “love thy next-door neighbor as thyself” in their call to action.

“We, the under-signed Faith Community Leaders, appeal to individuals of faith all over the state to use masks and practice physical distancing, sacrificing a small procedure of comfort for the sake of saving lives,” the declaration continued. “We recall that the best rule is to enjoy God, and the 2nd resembles unto it, to like one’s next-door neighbor as oneself. One can not claim to like one’s next-door neighbor while intentionally putting them at danger.

“We pray for the end of this ravaging pandemic. However, the truth is that our actions should accompany those prayers. Please join us in continuing to do something about it to prevent the more spread of the pandemic by wearing masks in public and preserving physical distancing.”

Here are the 28 faith leaders who signed the statement:

Herbert said he will meet Thursday with leaders from the COVID-19 combined command and others in Salt Lake County about a proposition to require homeowners of that county to use face-coverings in public. He included that he’s “a local-control person” and anticipates to lean greatly on the assistance and proposal of county leaders in their demand– especially with something he has personally viewed as required like wearing a mask.

“The wearing of a face mask is a really efficient and affordable method to prevent the spread of the illness,” Herbert said.

“A great deal of these concerns … are primarily based on typical sense,” he included. “We do not medical studies to confirm that this is the best thing to do.”

However the finest enforcement will come from local enforcement– in your home, in our neighborhoods, in our communities, and in our churches.Which is the Wednesdays’joint statement from local faith leaders was, perhaps, the biggest call to action– legally enforceable or not.More stories you may have an in

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