26 Dragnet Facts You Never Expected

the Riots the Watts neighbourhood in Los in violence and flame, Sergent Joe Friday of the Los Police Division — a fictional character created and portrayed Jack Webb in the highly-acclaimed TV series Dragnet — appeared on television screens across America to educate audiences about the and struggles of policemen. Dragnet was a truly-defining police procedural show — it did not only became a pioneering show but also redefined the way the American audiences looked at police, in general, and LAPD, in particular.

Conceptualized and directed by the immensely talented Jack Webb (who also played the lead role of Joe Friday), Dragnet was inspired by a 1949-film ‘He Walked By Night’. The show had a successful run on the radio before making a smooth transition to TV in the year 1951. In 1952, the NBC Network syndicated the show and the first episode was released on January 3rd, 1952. The careful attention paid to details as well as the exceptional depiction of the police made this show an instant hit in a sea of comedy and variety shows. Dragnet, which continues to exert immense influence on present-day police procedural dramas and films, is so influential that even those who have never seen it are familiar with its characters and elements.

In this video, we give 26 Dragnet never expected. So, hit the play button and get ready to dive into the of Dragnet.

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