15 Cases Of Animals That Took Revenge

15 Cases Of That Revenge

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15 Cases Of Animals That Took Revenge

Animals are fun. They can be great friends to us humans, and there’s so much that we can learn from them. But if we get on their bad side, things can get very wild. And even the nicest animal can become a threat when we get on their nerves. In today’s video we’ll be looking at “15 Cases of Animals that Took Revenge.” From wild predators to friendly pets, all of these animals had enough and finally decided to take matters into their own hands…or paws. Watch out for number one! After you hear these crazy stories you will not to become enemies with these animals.

Let’s begin

Woman versus Cow

Cows are very gentle animals. Or at least, that’s what they make us believe. But actually, many people who have worked with cows on a regular basis can tell you that these animals are anything but nice and sweet. Sure, you see them eating grass and minding their own business, but when you get too close to them, things can get intense. Just look at this woman who was helping this cow give birth. She might think she’s being helpful, but the cow thinks otherwise as she kicks the lady in her head. I guess this cow can give birth on her own, and it seems like she doesn’t want any human help.

The Stalking Kangaroo

We’ve heard and seen a lot about kangaroos that get in fights with humans. There’s even a viral video of a man who punched a kangaroo to rescue his dog. But animals are smart, you know? That’s why you shouldn’t be surprised to see this kangaroo knocking on these windows. He clearly wants to break in, and it makes me wonder if the owners of the did something to him. The one thing that’s clear to me is that the kangaroo doesn’t want to leave this place until he gets whatever he wants from the people who here.

The Angry Swan

I wouldn’t call this revenge, but I guess you’d get a different answer from the swan in this video. The male swan, who’s also called a “cob” is clearly angry at this man even though the guy is helping him rescue his baby. The baby swan was stuck in the fence and since the couldn’t get him out, this guy came over to give them a hand. But for some reason, the swan felt threatened so he attacked the man even after he got the baby out of the fence. So temperamental! I would never want to mess with a swan like this one.

Cows to the Rescue

Mothers can be very protective. And that statement also applies to cows. Just look at this video in which a farmer is holding the cow’s baby calf. I’m not sure what the farmer was doing; I guess he was just helping out. However, the cow didn’t like this and started chasing the man away. You can see that the other cow was also ready to join in and start a fight. Luckily, the man gave up before things got more complicated. The one thing I can learn from this is that you never want to mess with a baby calf, especially if the mother is watching you.

The Angry Llama-Alpaca

It’s not a llama, it’s not an alpaca, Misty is a hybrid of both! And this cute animal is not happy when humans get too close. Just have a look at this volunteer who was cleaning the petting area when out of the sudden, the 4-year-old Llama-Alpaca started kicking the guy. The animal kept chasing him and didn’t let him complete his job. I he doesn’t think this is personal, as it seems like everyone who works at the zoo has had an aggressive encounter with Misty.

The Crows That Memorize Your Face
(no video source, maybe use any footage of crows?)

A lot of the animals I’ve shown you so far have taken revenge right on the spot. But the animal I’m about to show you can hold a grudge for a long time – just like humans. It’s said that crows have such a long term memory that they can remember anyone who causes them any harm. For example, a while ago, a group of researchers put some tracking devices on a group of crows. When the researchers came back, the crows came flying towards them, ready to attack. The people had to wear masks to hide their identity because obviously, the crows remembered their faces and were not happy about having those tracking tags on their bodies.

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