11 Things You Keep Holding on To

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11 Things You Keep Holding on To

Thoughts, they creep up on you when you least expect them to. You can’t seem to shake them off, no matter what you do. The thoughts take a step back when moments of joy come into your life, but as soon as the joy is gone, the thoughts come racing back.

Your mind becomes crowded with thoughts and escaping from them seems inevitable. Will the thoughts ever disappear?  Or will you become a victim to your own mind? Let’s cut down on the melodramatics and cut to the chase. If your thoughts are pulling you down from achieving something, you need to start letting go of these thoughts:

1.      Holding on to Old Regrets

Each day, you will regret why you said something or did something in the past or present. Your old regrets will never completely go away because you stand in their way. You will have to come to terms with your old regrets and let them go.

2.      Making Excuses

When you want to put something off for the next day, you come up with an excuse that you feel justifies your reason for not doing it today or ever for that matter. You need to stop making excuses and seize the opportunities that come your way.

3.      Dwelling on the Things You Don’t Have

Everyone wants to carry out the perfect task, but most of them don’t have money, resources, skills, or time to do so. This leads them to forget about it altogether. However, forgetting about something is like having a one-track mind, “If I can’t do this, I won’t do anything else.” Instead, focus on what you can still do with the amount of resources you have available.

4.      Staying in Your Comfort Zone

How do you know you have potential when you don’t step out of your comfort zone to find out? At some point in life, you will have to make a decision to test yourself to see if you have the capability to reinvent yourself.

5.      Fear of Failure

Success and failure go hand in hand, as in order to succeed; one must get a taste of failure. The biggest names in the business and entertainment field have failed first, before succeeding. It was their attempts at failing that made them aware of their mistakes, which they kept on improving. Finally, one day, they got it right and hit it big. The same can happen to you if you take the fear of failing out of you.

6.      Negative Relationships

People, by nature, are jealous beings that can’t stand the success and happiness of a person. With their words and actions, they suck the happiness out of the person completely. These evil influencers fill your head with the “what ifs,” deterring you from reaching your goal. So, now, it’s your job to eradicate them out of your life for good. In their place, include supportive people who will encourage you to follow your dreams.

7.      Greedy Nature

At times, you are pulling yourself down by asking for more than you deserve. Your greedy and selfish nature overpowers you, leading you to lose everything that you have worked for. The “me, myself, and I,” attitude will only make people stay clear of you. Do you think you will be successful? Well, you might have a chance, but you still wouldn’t be as successful as someone who helps others with their problems.

8.      Judgmental Nature

You can’t judge a book by its cover. This statement is for people who base their judgment of a person from a few meetings. If you have a judgmental nature, you need to stop passing judgments on people when you hardly know them. Try impressing people with your kindness and actions than judging them for what you see on the outside.

9.      Obsessing over the Outcome

People who obsess over reaching their desired goal will miss out on the satisfaction of reaching there. They would be so engrossed in doing everything in their means to arrive at the outcome that they would neglect their health, their family, and opportunities. If you want your business to rank at the top, take it one day at a time rather than rushing the process.

10. Let Go of the Insecurity

The constant comparison between you and another person you admire or envy will become the death of you. Try to understand that not everyone is built the same, not in looks, not in talents, and not in skills. The more you compare yourself with another, the more insecure you get. Stop comparing and accept yourself as you are!

11. See Yourself at the Top

You are your biggest fan and you need to let yourself know that. No one can motivate you to do something more than you can.

Cleanse yourself of these eleven things that you are holding on so dearly, and become the person you know you can be.

See Yourself at the Top You are your biggest fan and you need to let yourself know that. No one can motivate you to do something more than you can.

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