11 Creative Ways to Write About Friendship

11 Creative Ways to Write About Friendship

11 Creative to Write

The relationship between two or more with the purpose of sharing and interacting is friendship. People have been cultivating some forms of relationships from childhood. Some of these memories are kept till old age. The bad part of human friendship before now is that no matter how fond you were with your childhood friend, at a point you had to part to make new friends in another location. This is because no twenty grownups play together for twenty years. Something has to separate them at one point or the other. Here are some creative ways friendship can be expressed:

  1. The foundation of lasting friendship is love. The relationship of friendship is hinged of mutual love between two or more people. Experience has shown that most couples started off as buddies.
  2. There is no friendship without disagreements and fights. It is very difficult for two people to stay together without quarrelling. Sometimes, people disagree to reach an agreement. Fight is one of those things that strengthen friendship.
  3. Forgiveness must be given a chance in true friendship because offences unresolved may hamper free flow of relationship and it is not healthy.
  4. Friendship is responsibility. Just as it is in any relationship, friendship is not one sided. She entails sharing and some forms of responsibility. You should be able to take care of your buddy when sick. You should be able to render a little help every now and then as well as a piece of advice from time to time.
  5. The golden rule is important in any relationship. Friendship is treating your partner as you would love to be treated. We all love to be respected so, respect your buddy.
  6. Friendship is being frank with your partner. Patching up or managing people isn’t in any way a sign of true friendship. Buddies should tell one another some truths no matter how bitter.
  7. Friendship is built on effective communication. Distance should not be a barrier for pursuing your friendship in this era of internet and different social media. Try to connect with your friends by employing the use of these media and any other available means.
  8. Friendship is keeping precious memories alive irrespective of the distance. Keep a diary of your buddies’ special dates like birthday and wedding anniversary. They will forever be grateful that you kept those dates by calling or sending special messages.
  9. Friendship is bringing the best out of your relationship no matter how tough the going has been. The only way you can help bring the best out of others is to be the best. You can only be the best by working on yourself through reading.
  10. A buddy is someone who knows all about you but seals his lips before others. No one is expected to know you more than a buddy but he/she is expected to maintain sealed lips in the presence of others by keeping your secrets secret. It is an act of betrayal to discuss your buddy before another buddy.
  11. Acceptance builds friendship, criticism pulls it down.

"Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light." ~ Helen Keller

A Selection of Friendship Quotes

“One of the most of true friendship is to understand and to be understood.” ~ Lucius Annaeus Seneca

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