10 Secrets About Love You Can Learn From TV

10 Secrets About Love You Can Learn From TV

10 Secrets About Love You Can Learn From TV

Love is an emotional state that we all crave for as human beings. We all desire to be loved and appreciated. A loveless life is synonymous with sorrow, loneliness, and all kind of negative situations as such a life will be so disorganised and disoriented. You are what you love and you are as great as your love. She is a universal phenomenon. We learn a lot of things in life from different things and people around us. The TV is one those media through which we acquire new experiences because they are filled with both recorded and live programmes. The following are some of the secrets of love you can learn from TV:

  1. Some TV programmes have featured couples with the purpose of teaching the viewers the secret of their success in marriage. In one of such programmes, a couple had attributed his success in marriage to patience. There will be periods of outburst in marriage but with patience with the other party, love will win the day.
  2. Good listener. Another secret of love that can be learnt from various TV programmes is being a good listener. If one party is talking and the other is talking at the same time, the conflict at hand cannot be resolved. It is always advisable to listen when the other party is talking.
  3. Good communication. Friendship and marriage needs good communicators. Since love is shared between two or more people, it is pertinent that feelings be expressed through proper communication.
  4. Love is maturity. There is need for individuals to outgrow some immaturity that can lead to regular quarrelling and fighting and this can be done by growing into maturity. Another secret of love is maturity.
  5. Love is about sacrifice. One of the parties must suffer some degree of inconveniences to sustain a thriving relationship.
  6. In TV, we learn that selfishness and love are parallel lines. You cannot successfully love others when you are full of self. Selfishness must be dealt with for fruitful relationship.
  7. Giving and sharing. If there is anything that is closely related to love, it is giving and sharing. Love gives and shares again and again. It’s a secret that has helped to sustain a lot of marriages and friendship.
  8. Honour and respect. There is the common saying that honour begets honour. The people you show honour and respect usually show it back too. One of the secrets of love therefore is honour and respect.
  9. This secret is inevitable for a sustained and successful relationship where love is paramount. You need this childlike attribute of forgetting and forgiving all offences.
  10. One the great secrets of love always portrayed through TV programmes is togetherness which is expressed by couples praying, eating, exercising and watching TV together. There is a general saying that a family that prays together stays together. Doing things together help to strengthen your love.

Love is paramount to our success in any relationship we find ourselves be it friendship or marriage.

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"Love doesn't make the world go 'round. Love is what makes the ride worthwhile." ~ Franklin P. Jones





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