10 Secrets about Listening You Can Learn From TV

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10 about Listening Can From TV

With the recent development in technology and much other advancement, a lot of have been carried away with the tide of “busyness” that they have little or no time for friends and family members. No matter how busy we may seem to be an effective listening technique which is an essential ingredient to effective communication is very important for our daily living. A lot of people carry heavy burdens that need to be shared with others but, everyone is too busy to give a listening thereby resulting into big problems and health challenges. It is commonly said that a problem shared is half-solved. The question is who do we share the problem with when no one is ready to listen? Here are some listening secrets you can learn from the TV:

  • Those who listen to their partners or friends are more intimate than those who pay less attention. Any time you see a couple or friends that are very close and having cordial relationship, it is an indication that both are good listeners.
  • From TV, you can learn that effective listening is synonymous with effective communication. When friends and family members talk and the other party listens, there will be communication flow.
  • You learn from TV that a lot of information is lost due to impatience in listening to what the other is saying. This secret is daily experienced by many people.
  • Another secret of listening you can learn from TV is the fact that good listeners are good learners. They have wide range of experiences as they learn through silence.
  • You will learn from TV that talkative are never good listeners while the naturally quiet people are the best listeners. Experience has corroborated this TV secret as Talkative are too impatient to wait for others to talk.
  • Another secret is that any relationship that is not thriving and successful is because one of the parties is not a good listener. A lot of marriages would have been better and saved from divorce if there was a good listener.
  • This secret is very essential as parents would wish their grownups. Most listeners are intelligent people. Your ability to listen shows you are very intelligent. You want to weigh things carefully in your mind before saying it out.
  • A good listener does not interrupt. A good listener would rather wait for you to finish everything you have to say before jumping to conclusion which will lead to wise decision.
  • A good listener will not be listening and looking elsewhere. Rather, he will be attentive and look into the eyes of the speaker to prove that he is with the speaker spirit, soul and body.
  • Wherever good listening is practised, there will be peace, love, happiness, trust and mutual understanding.

The importance of good listening cannot be overemphasised.  Listening has the power to save your marriage as well as your . She can help to build your career and also friendship.

“We have two ears and one mouth, so we should listen more than we say.” ~ Zeno of Citium

A Selection of Customer Service Quotes

“Most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply.”  ~ Stephen R. Covey

“Listen to God with a heart. He is not only the doctor who mends it, but also the father who wipes away the tears.”     ~ Criss Jami

“We have two ears and one mouth, so we should listen more than we say.” ~

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