10 Secrets About Hearing You Can Learn From TV

10 Secrets About Hearing You Can Learn From TV

10 Secrets About Hearing You Can Learn From TV

Sitting close together during discussions can help reduce interferences and hearing Hearing loss can be prevented by sitting together during interactions. This will not only prevent hearing loss but also prevent undue shouting and screaming.The world we live in today is so complicated and polluted with various forms of noise that can impair hearing and in some degrees cause hearing loss. Often times, we hear people screaming to make a point while the hearer’s consistent reply is “pardon” signifying lack of comprehension due to interferences. The following are some secrets about hearing we can learn from TV:

  1. Another secret of hearing is to reduce the volume of electronic appliances or to turn them off completely. To avoid shouting and hearing loss, the environment needs to be in silence and free from other interferences.
  2. Politely asking people to speak up. Another secret learnt from TV about hearing is to politely telling your partner to increase his/ her voice’s volume because some people are fond of speaking with low voices.
  3. Avoid undue interruption. This is a top secret because our minds are always razing to speak up when someone else is speaking. Interruption must be kept at bay. The technique of turn taking is very important in any discussion ranging from two to group. We must constantly put this weakness under check as we have it all rampant. A good listener will definitely be a good speaker.
  4. Watch the mouth of the speaker. Often, when we are able to look into the face of the speaker, we are able to understand better what he/she says through the movement of the lips.
  5. Gestures and hand movements can be employed to further boost our hearing This secret is effectively employed and used on TV. Even in our daily interactions, our words are better understood when we back them up with gestures, facial expressions and hand movements.
  6. Another secret of hearing we can learn from TV is that speakers often ask for feedbacks from listeners to ascertain their understanding of the concept being discussed. This method can be harnessed by everyone to measure the effectiveness of our spoken words to our hearers.
  7. Avoid the temptation to shout when speaking. Quiet talking instead of shouting not only commands respect, it also makes it possible to gain the attention of your listeners as this will make everyone pay rapt attention. Shouting can make your listeners tune off during your speech.
  8. TV speakers are always speaking clearly. This secret should be employed by all speakers to enhance effective hearing. It is not alone to just talk and pass information across but to make sure the information is understood by all for necessary action.
  9. Those with hearing challenge can always use hearing aids and devices. These aids are available everywhere for those who may need them. A person who is consistently losing basic information due to hearing loss will soon become socially passive and isolated. This secret is evident in many TV programmes.

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