10 Proofs That A Time Machine Exists

10 That A Time Exists

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10 Proofs That A Time Machine Exists

Have you ever made a mistake so badly that you wanted to go back in time and prevent it from happening? Or don’t you wish you could just jump in time to the future for an exciting of scenery? All of these things would easily be possible if we all had access to a time machine. But since we don’t have that, we gotta stick to the present and make the best out of it. However, there is some clear evidence that time traveling might be possible after all. If anything, we just haven’t been lucky enough to experience it. In today’s video, I’ll be showing you “10 Proofs that a Time Machine Exists.” That’s right. There are pictures, stories, and even videos of events that happened, and people who existed and all of them will make us question everything we know so far about time and space. Are you ready for a bunch of crazy stories? Well, I so. The one at the top of the list will shock you and will make you realize that a time machine exists.

The Tiny Watch

The Empire of the Great Ming, also known as the Ming Dynasty, was the dynasty that ruled China between 1368 to 1644. We’re talking about people who existed more than 500 years ago. That’s why it was shocking to find a miniature Swiss watch in one of their graves a few years ago during an archaeological expedition. This little golden piece was frozen at the 10:06 time mark and it had the word “Swiss” engraved on it. The discovery raised a lot of questions. First of all, watches were not common prior to 1780. Second of all, Switzerland did not exist as a country during the time that the Ming Dynasty ruled, so how come the word “Swiss” was on that watch? The archaeologists were convinced that no one had accessed this grave over the last 400 years. But somehow, the inside the coffin had some sort of encounter with someone from the future. I mean, it sounds hard to believe, but it’s the only explanation that makes sense. I know a lot of people will think it’s a hoax, but this would be a very intricate one. Who would go as far as digging someone’s grave just to put a 100-year-old miniature watch in it? I’m sure it was time traveling! And there are more examples on this list that will make you believe.


Pellegrino Ernetti was an Italian priest and scientist who lived from 1925 to 1994. There are at least two books about a very important device that he created: the chronovisor. This was something that they call a “Time Viewer,” because it allowed Father Ernetti to witness some historical events. According to some people’s accounts, Ernetti built this device with a lot of buttons, levers, and controls that allow you to check on a specific time and location. Thanks to this device, Ernetti was able to witness important historical events such as the crucifixion and some sort of performance in ancient Rome. In fact, it’s said that his picture of the crucifixion was published in an Italian weekly news magazine. Unfortunately, no one knows where this “chronovisor” is at. But many people speculate that such a device is in hands of the Vatican and it’s being used at their convenience. One thing is for sure: Father Pellegrino Ernetti did exist, and there are at least two people who swear that this man invented a device that allows us to somehow be able to in time.

Moberly and Jourdaine

What would happen if you travel in time and then you share your story with the world? Well, I’m sure a lot of people would think you’re either crazy or perhaps they’d say that you’re having a supernatural experience. This is what happened to Charlotte Anne Moberly and Eleanor Jourdaine as they were traveling France in 1901. Suddenly, the couple of academics found themselves on a farm with people wearing outdated clothes. They also saw a guy who had smallpox and they even got to interact with a woman who they claimed was Marie Antoinette, a historical character that had been dead for more than one hundred years. Of course, when Moberly and Jourdaine told the story, some people thought that these two had lost their minds. Others claimed that they were probably seeing ghosts. But both, Moberly and Jourdaine, were very shocked by the experience. The people who didn’t make fun of them couldn’t find a better explanation other than admitting that these two had probably traveled back in time.

The Hipster Timetraveler

You can always tell hipsters apart by the way they dress. They break society’s standards and they pretty much according to their own rules.

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