10 New Guinness Records You Can’t Repeat

10 New You Can’t Repeat

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10 Guinness Records You Can't Repeat
You know what’s great about humans? We always like to push boundaries. We strive to test our limits
by putting ourselves in hard situations, and revel in the fact that we lived through it. That is the reason
why records exist. While some world records are easily attainable, others not quite. And in the
case of number 1, I’m pretty sure you won’t even think of trying to break it. Here are 10 Guinness
records you repeat.

Number 10. World’s Longest Fingernails
Technically, someone should be able to break this record. The thing is, you’ll probably have to wait
seven decades before even having the chance of doing so. Shridhar Chillal from Pune, India, holds the
record for having the longest fingernails on a single hand – ever. He started growing his nails in 1952
when he was just 14 years old.
The combined length of his nails is an astonishing 29 feet 10.01 inches, which is about the same length
of a London bus. Shridhar first appeared in Guinness World Records 1979, when his nails measured a
combined length of 86.5 inches. His most recent appearance in 2018’s Science & Stuff which explains
more about fingernails and how they grow.
Recently, he decided to cut them off and his nails are now displayed at Ripley’s Believe It or Not! in
Times Square, New York. His nails caused him a fair amount of physical pain and made everyday
activities like sleeping difficult. But despite all the pain and discomfort, he still somehow managed to
make a living as a photographer, his craft literally single handed.

Number 9. Longest Time Having the Hiccups
Now here’s a world record I’m positive you wouldn’t even think of trying, even if you had the means to
do so. Charles Osborne had the hiccups non-stop for approximately 68 years, from 1922 to June 5th,
1990. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, this is the longest bout of the hiccups ever
A minor case of the hiccups this definitely isn’t. Aside from lasting almost seven decades, the interval of
the hiccups was also annoyingly short. On average, he hiccupped around 40 times per minute. He did
get a bit of a break when he slept, but even then he still hiccupped at the rate of 20 times per minute. It
is estimated that he hiccupped over 430 million times in his lifetime.
Eventually, he learned to suppress most of the noise of a typical hiccup by breathing methodically
between hiccups, which was a technique taught to him by doctors at the Mayo Clinic. His hiccups finally
stopped mysteriously about one year before his death in 1991.

Number 8. 960 th Time’s the Charm
How many times are you try and fail at something before calling it quits? 10 times? A hundred times
maybe? Patience and perseverance are the keys to breaking or even repeating this strange world

record. The thing is, I think no one in the world has this level of patience and perseverance, except for
South Korean grandma Cha Sa-soon.
This diminutive woman, now known nationwide as “Grandma Cha Sa-soon,’’ has achieved a record that
causes people first to shake their heads with astonishment and then smile: She failed the driver’s test
hundreds of times but never gave up. Finally, she got her license, on her 960th try.
For three years starting in April 2005, she took the test once a day five days a week. After that, her pace
slowed, to about twice a week. When she finally got her license, in May of 2010, Hyundai-Kia
Automotive Group started an online campaign asking people to post messages of congratulations.
Thousands poured in. Hyundai even gifted her with a car worth $16,800.

Number 7. Riding a Twister
Remember the Wizard of Oz, more specifically how Dorothy Gale got to Oz in the first place? Well if you
don’t know, she was sucked up by a twister and it transported her to Oz. The exact same thing
happened to Matt Suter. He didn’t quite make it to Oz, but his trip landed him onto the record books.
You see, he holds the record for the longest distance carried by a tornado, and lived to tell the story.
On the night of the tornado, he was watching television news in only his boxer shorts when he heard a
jetlike roar approaching the trailer he shared with his grandmother and uncle. He was trying to shut a
window in the living room

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