10 Illegal Places Discovered

10 Discovered

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10 Places you Can’t visit

We can never get tired of adventures. There are always new places to see and new things to do. From extreme activities to something more low key, the is pretty much full of experiences that are ready for you to explore – all you need is determination. Now, there are some parts of the that are very intriguing and I’m sure are exciting, but they’re not open for public. And that’s because they’re illegal! That’s right – going into these places is against the law. So, today we’ll be looking at "10 Places You Can’t Visit." Some of them are off-limits because they hold an important historical value, that could easily be compromised if people get too close to them. And some other places are illegal because, well…they’re used to do things that you’re not supposed to see, like the place at the top of my list! Are you ready to see these places? I’m sure you’ll to visit them as soon as you finish watching this video. But remember…they’re illegal, so visiting them is pretty much impossible. Unless you find a way in, without being noticed.

The Lascaux Caves

These French caverns were discovered in the 1940s by a group of teenagers. Eight years later, the place opened to the public and of course, tons of people went to check out this place. But what is so special about it? Apparently, the walls of the caverns are full of paintings and historical drawings that date back to the Ice Age! This is probably one of the earliest samples of human non-verbal communication. But when the crowds began to fill this place, some scientists realized that their visits were bringing too much carbon dioxide, humidity, and other contaminants that made the caves moldy. By the 1960s, only a handful of people were allowed to go into the caves just to restore the paintings and restore the damage made by the crowds. For that reason, you can only explore this place in pictures, but it’s not likely that you’ll be able to see it in person. In fact, the place is still moldy – some paintings were never able to recover from the damage made decades ago.


How do you feel about ghost towns? I’m sure some of you are scared of them, but I’m sure many of you find these places fascinating. Now, imagine a ghost town with golden sands and clear blue waters. Sounds like paradise, doesn’t it? That’s what Varosha was. In fact, the place was popular among Hollywood stars like Richard Burton, Elizabeth Taylor, and many others who enjoyed the beauty of this place. So, how did this place become a ghost town? Well, Varosha is part of a city called Famagusta, which is in Cyprus. In 1974, this country was invaded by Turkey. At some point, people were feeling so insecure that they all had to flee this place and it suddenly turned into a ghost town. And I don’t blame them! I don’t know anyone who would like to get caught in a crossfire! Today, the conflicts are not as tense as they were back then. But the Turkish still hold control of Varosha and only people in their army are allowed to go in.

A New Island

When we think of islands, we usually think of isolated spots in the world where we can go relax and escape the real world. But not all islands in the world are open to tourism. In fact, some of them are only open to very specific people for purposes that are anything but a holiday. That’s the case of Surtsey Island in Iceland, which is used as a massive laboratory. It all started in 1963 when the island formed as a result of a volcanic eruption. They named the island after Surt, a mythological creature. Given the fact that the island is new and untouched by humans, this spot has been useful for scientists to study how plants and animals populate new places. In the 70s, scientists had already seen how some plants had started to grow on the island. Their seeds were brought by waves and the poop of some birds. Can you imagine what would happen if they let tourists in? We would bring all sorts of things with us and it will definitely defeat the purpose of the island.

New York’s Mysterious Island

And here’s another odd island. This one is not far from a place that’s a popular destination for all kinds of tourists. That is New York City. But putting Times Square, Broadway, the Empire State , and other Manhattan attractions aside, there’s one spot very near to the city that’s been abandoned for more than fifty years.

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