10 Fundamentals about Customer Service You Didn’t Learn in School

10 Fundamentals about Customer Service You Didn't Learn in School

10 Fundamentals about Customer Service You Didn’t Learn in School

Customer service is fundamental to the success of any business oriented organization because it is the only thing that can keep your customers coming. Companies should invest heavily in their customer services for efficient service delivery to customers by satisfying them. Most thriving companies today have learnt this secret and have made enough budgets to invest in their customer service by adequate trainings. One of the reasons why companies fold up is their inability to sustain the interest of their customers in this world of competition. The following are the fundamental principles guiding customer service which can only be learnt from experience.

  1. Customers will prefer to patronise a company where their needs are attended to promptly and not where their precious time will be wasted. People should be around and available to attend to customers.
  2. A good listening ability without distractions. Most customers know when you are just cajoling them. They also understand when they are listened to with rapt attention. No one wants to be looked down upon. Listen to their complaints and act appropriately.
  3. Arguments don’t work. Just listen to their complaints and act accordingly. A good customer service is provided with politeness because you can’t argue without raising your voice and sometimes shouting. Remember “customers are always right”.
  4. Be professional and principled. As you attend to different customers, you will discover some have some things in common with you that may tempt you to treat them preferentially. A good customer service treats all customers equally without partiality or favouritism.
  5. Selfless service. No matter how good natured you are, a time will come when some challenges will make you want to transfer aggression or vent your spleen on any available person, that is when you need to forget yourself and be professional. A good customer service is the one rendered selflessly.
  6. Time consciousness. Everything needed for maximum satisfaction should be made available without wasting the time of the customers. This way you win your customers’ confidence.
  7. Be consistent. Inconsistency is similar to not doing anything good. A good customer service will ensure customers are attended to promptly every time. If you are inconsistent in rendering efficient customer service, your customers will know and you will lose their confidence.
  8. Phone calls ethics. Respond to your phone calls promptly with a broad smile as they detect your smile and sincerity from your voice. Don’t keep customers call for too long before answering. Let their case be treated professionally.
  9. First impression is important. How you render your customer service to those patronising your company for the first time will determine their continuous coming or not. Give them special attention by answering their questions.
  10. Get their details. There should be a record of the personal details of each customer for record purpose and for involvement. At festive periods, messages can be sent to them for compliments. The company can use this medium for adverts to update the customers on new arrivals and products in stock.This is a customer service that has dual purpose of satisfying the customer and rewarding the company in return.

    “Service is not something you do. It is something you are.” ~ Stella Payton

 A Selection of Customer Service Quotes

The code-of-ethics playlist:
o Treat your colleagues, family, and friends with respect, dignity, fairness, and courtesy.
o Pride yourself in the diversity of your experience and know that you have a lot to offer.
o Commit to creating and supporting a world that is free of discrimination, harassment, and retaliation.
o Have balance in your life and help others to do the same.
o Invest in yourself, achieve ongoing enhancement of your skills, and continually upgrade your abilities.
o Be approachable, listen carefully, and look people directly in the eyes when speaking.
o Be involved, know what is expected from you, and let others know what is expected from them.
o Recognize and acknowledge achievement.
o Celebrate, relive, and communicate your successes on an ongoing basis.
~ Lorii Myers, Targeting Success, Develop the Right Business Attitude to be Successful in the Workplace

“Service is not something you do. It is something you are.”

~ Stella Payton

“We see our customers as invited guests to a party, and we are the hosts. It’s our job every day to make every important aspect of the customer experience a little bit better.”  ~ Jeff Bezos

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