10 Crimes You Must Never Commit In An Interview



Everyone takes years to sharpen their skills in their area of specialization. We spent plenty of time writing and re-writing our CV and now when it comes to attending an interview, cautions must be taken not to do anything wrong since it will cost you the job. Anything impressive must be done but still with limits lest you overdo it.

  • Never answer a call

No one will ever excuse you to take your call since you had all the time to attend to whatever you wanted before the interview. Better still, you will when out of the room. So make sure your phone is in silent mode during the interview.

  • Never lie

Every institution wishes to recruit honest individuals because they will be trusted with however small the company’s resources would be. If the potential employer detects even the slightest lie in your words or CV, they definitely will not hire you.

  • Never chew or fidget

You might be anxious, sweating or having a higher heartbeat rate. Still, you are not expected to chew or fidget on your seat. Learning how to compose yourself and act well in such situations is a plus especially if the employer is looking for someone reliable at all circumstances.

  • Never arrive late

No one will ever forgive you for going late. This is why; you were notified in time about the interview venue and time. It’s entirely up to you to familiarize yourself with the time it will take you to arrive there putting into consideration any hindering factors like traffic jam. The interviewer or the panel have no time to waste waiting for you.

  • Never go in unprepared

Nothing puts the interviewer off than an ‘I do not know’ response. It will only show that you are not interested in the company and its operations. You better use the night looking for anything and everything about the company.

  • Never dress casually

Even if the job requires no suit or uniform for example mechanics, an interview is an interview and you must present yourself formally. Like someone who is successful in his career.

  • Never speak negatively about your previous employer

You have to stay positive all through the interview. Giving negative comments about your previous employer or colleagues will portray how ungrateful you are. Because even if they were ‘bad’ you got your daily bread from them. Any negative comments will be used against you when they will be picking out the ideal candidate.

  • Never dominate the interview

As much as you should express yourself, never take the lead in all conversation. The interview is not about you, but how your abilities can help the company be.

  • Never ask about salary

This statement holds until the interviewer himself brings up the issue. Otherwise wait until you are made an offer so that you can discuss about it and other fringe benefits.

  • Never tell jokes, politics and religious issues

It might interfere with the stand of the company or its directors and you don’t want to start conflicting the first day, do you?



“The greatest crimes in the world are not committed against the body, but against the freedom of the consciousness.” ~ Bryant McGill

A Selection of Quotes About Crimes

“The greatest crimes in the are not committed against the body, but against the freedom of the .”  ~ Bryant McGill

 “Too much … often resulted in further crimes which were fatal to innocent who not have been if justice had been put first and second.”

~ Agatha Christie

  “How can I blame others, when I cannot stop myself committing crimes?”
~ M.F. Moonzajer

 “O Liberty! What crimes are committed in thy name!”  ~ Madame Roland

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