10 CRAZY Police Car Chases Caught On Camera

10 CRAZY Police Car On Camera

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10 CRAZY Police Car Chases Caught On Camera
Nothing beats the thrill and excitement afforded by a old police car chase. Now while some of you
might already be jaded to the concept, because YouTube is literally littered with this stuff, I remember a
day way back when my dad would literally call me out from my room to watch the latest car chase
unfold live on the news. Fun for the entire . So, let’s now channel our inner Ron Burgundy, and
watch 10 of the craziest police car chases caught on camera.

Number 10. Tazed and Confused

Police were called into a stabbing incident in Dayton, Ohio in what they hoped to be a routine arrest,
well, as routine as the situation called for. When the police arrived at the location, the suspect got into
his truck and floored it. He didn’t get far though as he almost immediately crashed his truck.
The suspect wasn’t going to be arrested without a fight though. He somehow managed to jump into the
driver seat of a police cruiser, one of the many cruisers that responded to the scene. When the police
officer saw this, he shot the suspect with a tazer at point blank range. Remarkably, the suspect was still
able to recklessly drive away, in reverse.
What ensued was a crazy car chase in the suburban roads of Dayton, leaving a lot of damaged cars in its
wake. Unfortunately, the crazed suspect crashed into a minivan containing seven , two of which
suddenly passed away. The horrific chase ended abruptly when the suspect crashed the stolen police car
into a pole just outside the Dayton Metro library. He was promptly arrested and something tells me that
he’s going to spend the rest of his life in jail.

Number 9. Yet Another Stolen Cop Car

Criminals are getting bolder and bolder nowadays, and this guy is a primary example of this fact. This
guy hijacked not one, but two vehicles, one of them was, as mentioned in the title, a police cruiser.
The suspect was involved in an armed robbery earlier in the day, and was trying to get away in his white
sedan. Unfortunately, he went of road, which sedans aren’t really made for, which basically disabled his
car. But before his car dies down, he hijacked at gun point a passing pick-up truck. He led the police on a
merry off road chase again, until he crashed the truck. Chase over, right? Wrong.
The guy legged it, still trying to evade capture. He ran towards one of the parked cop cars that was
previously chasing him, and drove off with it. Police were basically unaware of this development, so
much so that other police cars just drove by him. Good thing a news helicopter was monitoring the
entire thing, and the cops were notified of the carjacking.
More off road shenanigans ensued, until the suspect was cornered by the cops, ending the chase.

Number 8. Tires Blown but Still Flooring It

Just a word of advice guys, if the cops ask you to stop your vehicle, just please stop your vehicle.
Because if you don’t, a minor traffic violation may balloon into something much worse. Like this lady
here for instance.
All the asks did was to ask her to pull over. No crime was committed whatsoever, but for some reason,
the lady decided to give the cops a merry old chase. I have to applaud the patience the cops showed for
this lady though, there were numerous chances for them to forcibly stop her vehicle, but the worse they
did was force her though some road spikes, which blew out all of her tires.
You’d think that would be enough to stop this lady, but again, wrong. The high speed chase turned into
a low speed one, obviously because her tires were out. But despite that, she was still able to escape
from a police blockade. The chase only ended when she decided to drive into a shopping outlet where
she was finally boxed in. But, she isn’t going down without a fight still, forcing officers to pin her down
on the pavement before cuffing her.

Number 7. Highway Shootout

This guy definitely doesn’t want to get caught. The on the passenger seat was a suspect on a liquor
store robbery that lead to the shooting of the store owner which happened a few days prior to this
incident. Police follow ups led to police tracking the suspect down, who chose escape rather than arrest,
which resulted into this police car chase.
The police boxed the suspect, and his driver, in, but instead of coming peacefully, he pulled out a gun
and fired at the police, forcing the police to fire back. One bystander was grazed by a stray bullet, but
nothing serious.

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