10 Compelling Reasons Why You Need People

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10 Compelling Reasons Why You Need People

No one is created as an Island. We are made to interact with people around us at home with family members, at work with colleagues and at school with classmates.  The people we interact with on daily basis have great impact on our lives as parts of our behaviours are formed by relating with them. They have the power to pull us up when we are falling and they can be great backbone in attaining and achieving great success in life. The following are the compelling reasons you need people.

  1. They serve as your ladder to success. The people you relate with on daily basis should not be ignored as they can be the ladder through which you can climb to attain those desired success.
  2. They comfort you. How many people have been comforted by pets? No matter how fond you are of those pets, they cannot speak peace to your heart when you are discouraged, confused and bereaved. You need people at these periods.
  3. They celebrate you. You need people to rejoice with you when you are graduating, celebrating your wedding anniversary, promoted in your place of work and many more.
  4. They provide employment. If you have been unemployed for some time, you need people to rally round and show concern connecting you with job opportunities either through direct employment, recommendation or suggestions on what to do for a living.
  5. You need people for business transactions. If you have a very good product for sale and there is no one to ask you what you are selling, of what value is that product? You need people for smooth business transactions.
  6. Since you are made to interact, you need people and not pets to keep you company. Can a pet cook for you when you are sick? You need a fellow human being as a companion.
  7. Long life. Research and experiences have shown that those that live alone are prone to die younger than those who live a lonely life. Loneliness kills faster than any terminal disease.
  8. New experiences. As we relate with people, we learn new things that are capable of transforming our entire being. From people you learn sewing, farming, cooking and other hand work. You learn more from people as you relate with them.
  9. Healthy competition. Without people, the world would have become a monopolized village by some autocrats. In business, the power of monopoly is broken through healthy competition.
  10. Motivation and self worth. You need people to motivate you to do great things in life. No one plans to die the way he/she was born. We need people to stir us up in order to discover our great potentials and invariably increase our self worth.

 “The key is to keep company only with people who uplift you, whose presence calls forth your best”.  

~ Epictetus

People are instrumental to whatever you have been, what you are and what you are going to be in this life. As indispensable as air is to humans, so are people to you.

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